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MORNING ARRIVAL 7:30am-8:00am

Where: Main Entrance on Kester Av

Step 1: Drop off Students on Kester using Valet Service

  • Valet opens at 7:30am and will remain open until 8:00am
  • Please follow all signs and directions for the safety of all students and staff
  • Breakfast will be served to students placing a monthly pre-order between 7:30am-7:50am.
  • Students will eat breakfast at the breakfast area

Step 2: at 7:55 Students will line-up outside the 400 classrooms

Step 3: Teachers will escort students to class promptly at 8:00am

  • Valet drop-off will close at 8:00am.

Students arriving after 8:00am will need to be walked by a parent to the Lashon Academy front office.


School gate will open at 3:10pm. Student dismissal will begin at 3:15.

Where: Gate Entrance on Kester Ave. (Near the intersection of Kester and Cohasset)


Step 1: Parents will use the gate entrance on Kester Ave. and park on the street to walk into the school. The gate entrance will be opened at 3:10pm.

Step 2: Please walk to your child’s classroom. You will pick-up your child from his/her classroom teacher at 3:15pm.

Step 3: All students not picked up after 3:30pm, Late Pick Up for your child will be available starting at 3:45pm. Any parent who is picking up their child after 3:30pm must wait until 3:45pm to then pick up their child. Parent must wait by the side Gate in the Late Pick Up line until Late Pick Up begins at 3:45pm. All students must be signed out by a parent or guardian.

school accessories and open notebook or book
Parent and pupils of primary school go hand in hand. Woman and girls with backpacks behind backs. Beginning of lessons. First day of fall.

Lashon Parent Community Mission

Thank you for taking the time to find this website and taking the time to see what the Lashon Academy is all about. Lashon Academy Charter wasn’t a name chosen accidentally; it is a name representative of the children, parents, teachers and faculty at our school. We are a community and by reading this message, you have taken the first step in being involved.

Many people hear PTO and think of some bake sale our mother’s did. In today’s world, PTO often seems synonymous with “please open your wallet and hand us some more money.” The truth is, the PTO requires funds to improve the community we send our children to and help all children throughout the country. This is the mission of the PTO and should be yours as well.

Here at Lashon Academy, we are proud to raise funds to provide many enrichment programs that would otherwise never exist. These include dramatic arts, visual arts, a computer technology lab, a science center and physical education. But we are much more than an organization just asking for donations for programs. We want to advocate for our children, helping encourage family involvement in school. Spend a few minutes on campus and see the kids loving school and you will probably see their parents involved in one way or another – either in the classroom or at one of our events. Why? Because when we care, our kids care!

So I invite you to contact me at to find out what little or lot you can do to help become involved. Remember, you already took the first step by stopping here. Stop here often and feel free to contact me to talk about your talents, interests and time.

Lashon Academy rocks because we make it rock!



President – Graciela

Treasurer – Leah

Field Trip Coordinator –


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Your Future Starts Here.

In a workshop environment, infused with Modern Hebrew, students will demonstrate proficiency in English and Modern Hebrew, and will be actively engaged in local and global service learning.