Lashon Academy uses the Full Option Science System (FOSS), a science curriculum that is grounded in the belief that students learn science best through active learning, for grades TK-6. FOSS was selected because it (1) aligns to the Next Generation Science Standards for California Public Schools (NGSS); (2) integrates robust reading and literacy strategies to support mastery of the Common Core ELA standards; and (3) utilizes technology to deliver learning experiences to students. The aim of Lashon Academy’s science curricula will be not only to teach science content, principles, and practices, but also to train students to use inquiry and scientific methods to learn independently and to solve problems. Teachers will guide students to collect and record first-hand data, to represent and analyze it. Accordingly, Lashon Academy’s science education programs will be inquiry-based and rooted in “real world” situations and experiences.


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