Lashon Academy plans to use Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley California Science text for Grades K-6. This series meets the requirements for a successful program in that it (1) complies with CA State curriculum guidelines and frameworks; (2) It provides solid support for teachers in the classroom; and (3) Pre/Post-State Assessment Tests have demonstrated that the program supports achievement in the area of acquisition of science skills and knowledge for all students.

The Science series is also well suited to the proposed workshop model approach to instruction. It utilizes an Inquiry Approach to learning involving Directed Inquiry, Guided Inquiry and Full Inquiry consistent with the workshop model. Leveled-books allow for differentiated instruction by introducing and exploring identical science

concepts at each student’s reading level. It further emphasizes active, hands-on explorations in the early grades that help students build their understanding of key concepts and invites students to develop and explain concepts in their own words both orally and by writing and drawing. Science journals will support the inquiry work.

The aim of Lashon Academy’s science curricula is not only to teach science content, principles and practices, but also to train students to use inquiry and scientific methods to learn independently and to solve problems. Teachers guide students to collect and record first-hand data, to represent and analyze it. Accordingly, Lashon Academy’s science education programs will be inquiry-based and rooted in “real world” situations and experiences. To achieve this, all science units are aligned with the California Science Content Standards.

Lashon Academy’s science program will: 1) Develop students’ science literacy and provide meaningful and engaging learning experiences to enhance students’ intellectual curiosity and build students’ proficiency in science; 2) Teach students how to manipulate scientific tools as they expand their science vocabulary; and 3) Strengthen students’ logical reasoning and critical thinking skills, as well as their abilities to apply scientific methodology and inquiry to make connections between books, and between texts and their own experiences.

Lashon Academy’s science curriculum allows students to build connections that link science to technology and societal impacts. Science, technology and societal issues are strongly connected to community health, population, natural resources, environmental quality, natural and human-induced hazards, and other global challenges. Thus, the study of science in connection with technology and health provide the foundation for understanding these issues.