Pick Up and Drop Off

Morning Arrival 7:30am-8:00am

To be annonced


  • Valet drop-off will close at 8:00am. Students arriving after 8:00am will need to be walked by a parent to the Lashon Academy front office. 

Dismissal Procedures 3:10-3:20pm

School gate will open at 3:05pm. Student dismissal will begin at 3:10.

Where: Gate Entrance on Kester Ave. (Near the intersection of Kester and Cohasset)


Step 1: Parents will use the gate entrance on Kester Ave. and park on the street to walk into the school. The gate entrance will be opened at 3:05pm.

Step 2: Please walk to your child’s classroom. You will pick-up your child from his/her classroom teacher at 3:10pm.

Step 3: At 3:20pm all students not picked up will be brought to the Lashon Academy school office.