Elementary Teacher

Position: Certificated Elementary Teacher 

The Elementary Teacher will create a flexible program and environment which promotes learning and personal growth; establish effective rapport with pupils and good relationships with parents and other staff members; motivate pupils to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to provide a good foundation for continued academic growth.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Student Progress

Uses knowledge of curriculum and the standards of student performance to plan appropriate long and short-term goals.
Uses student progress data to design classroom instruction and instructional intervention.
Covers appropriate content as determined by the curriculum and provides opportunities for students to participate in a variety of learning activities.
Designs and implements appropriate instructional interventions for students slow to achieve mastery or for students show have already achieved mastery.
Evaluates pupil’s academic performance and social growth; prepares progress reports and communicates with parents and pupils on the individual pupil’s progress.

Instructional Methodologies

Observes school policies and procedures and adopted administrative regulations pertaining to instruction.
Plans daily lessons to achieve identified lesson objectives with primary focus on student engagement and student success.
Has a wide range of instructional and assessment strategies and uses them appropriately.
Uses appropriate questioning strategies to elicit basic facts and concepts, to encourage the exchange of ideas or information among students, and to stimulate higher-level thinking.
Extends beyond the basic subject matter to bridge and reinforce knowledge from a variety of interrelated sources.

Learning Environment

Is aware and sensitive at all times as to what is happening in the classroom.
Demonstrates a genuine respect for all students.
Creates opportunities for student collaboration, decision-making, team building, leadership, and other transferable skills.
Adheres to consistent discipline and character development program to maintain school standards of pupil behavior in and out of the classroom.
Maintains a clean, safe, functional and attractive room.

Professional Development

Plans and pursues a program of personal professional growth; participates in appropriate school, county and statewide in-service education activities.
Actively participates in the evaluation process.
Participates in required staff development and committee work.
Plans and coordinates the work of aides, teacher assistants, and other Para-professionals, including parent volunteers.

Professional Conduct

Maintains universally accepted standard of conduct for teachers.
Maintains fair and equitable relationships with students.
Remains forthright, clear, honest and respectful in communications with parents and recognizes their importance as partners in the educational process.
Actively contributes as a member of a grade level, departmental or faculty team and is supportive of other staff members and their efforts.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of child cognitive development and various learning styles
Knowledge of subject mater, including California Common Core Standards and subject-specific frameworks
Knowledge of assessments
Ability and willingness to implement the Readers and Writers Workshop Model

Minimum Educational Level

Bachelors degree
Valid California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential required
English Language Learner Authorization required
NCLB Highly Qualified required

Required Documents

References (on original letterhead, signed and recently dated) from all employers covering the last (3) years.
CA credential with an English Learner (EL) authorization
Basic Skills Requirements (i.e. CBEST or Approved Out-of-State Basics Skills Exam)
Verification of Highly Qualified/No Child Left Behind (HQ/NCLB) compliance (i.e. Subject Matter Exam/Subject Matter Waiver/NCLB letter)
Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended

Please email all required documents along with your resume to jobs@lashonacademy.org

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