Elementary Hebrew Teacher

Certificated Hebrew Classroom Teacher (Grades K-6)
Lashon Academy is a new, start-up charter school serving around 200 students during its first year of operation in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grades. The school is offering a site-based foreign language integration program (English/Hebrew). Some subject content (e.g. Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Service Learning Activities) will be taught in both languages ; however each Hebrew Elementary Classroom Teacher will teach in Hebrew.

Teacher Responsibilities

· Implement Lashon Academy educational model
· Understand and implement CA World Language Content Standards
· Coordinate and plan instruction with grade level teams
· Align CA standards with proficiency levels
· Ensure proficiency based approach is clearly articulated and understood by school stakeholders and community (parents)
· Use assessments to drive instruction
· Work collaboratively with Principal, Curriculum Coordinator, and faculty
· Work cooperatively with families
· Participate in general education and Hebrew learning professional development
· Follow all policies and procedures in the Lashon Academy Employee handbook


· A California multiple subject credential
· Minimum: Modern Hebrew Native/Fluent in Modern Hebrew
· Preferred: a Hebrew Language 2nd State Examination and 3 years of teaching experience OR
· A bachelor’s degree in Hebrew Language
· Hold CLAD or BCLAD certificates or equivalent training required to teach ELs
· Hold “highly qualified” NCLB status
· Demonstrated subject competency through appropriate examination or coursework
· A background clearance from FBI/DOJ
· TB Clearance
· A commitment to team-teaching in a foreign language dual-language program

Office Manager

General Description

Office Managers are responsible for coordinating school activities and overseeing the school office while interfacing with students, teachers, parents and administrators.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

· Coordinate all front office activities and monitor activities of other classified staff.
· Compose or transcribe from rough draft, correspondence, bulletins, memorandums, and other material.
· Track daily student attendance reports; compile and file student grade and attendance reports and other school records.
· Direct students encountering problems to the appropriate personnel (i.e., Principal, or AP).
· Order and dispense school supplies.
· Accept and deposit funds for lunches, school supplies, and student activities.
· Disburse funds, record financial transactions, and audit and balance student organization and other school fund accounts.
· Take and transcribe meeting notes and disperse information.
· Maintain calendar of school events.
· Provide first aid to students when necessary.
· Additional duties as assigned.
· Answer telephones.
· Translate documents.

Office Manager Expectations

· Arrive to work and attend any meetings or appointments in a timely manner.
· Maintain professional standards in the office and the school.
· Participate in Lashon Academy and individual professional development programs.
· Participate in other events aimed at promoting or developing Lashon Academy (i.e., student recruitment).

Requires Knowledge of

· Lashon Academy general policies, procedures and mission statement.
· School office operations.
· First aid and CPR (preferred).

Requires Ability To

· Work effectively and collaboratively in a “start-up” environment.
· Communicate clearly and effectively in verbal and written forums.
· Interact effectively with others using excellent interpersonal skills.
· Perform well under pressure.
· Resolve matters with discretion and diplomacy.
· Complete assigned tasks and projects in a timely and effective manner.
· Exercise discretion in the dissemination of information.


· Minimum of an Associates Degree or certificate with emphasis in Business Administration is required. An equivalent combination of training and experience may be substituted for education requirement (two years of experience for every one year of post-secondary education).
· Minimum of 3 years in an administrative support capacity in a business environment is required. Prior experience within a school setting is desired.
· Bilingual (English/Spanish).

Office Clerk/Receptionist


Under supervision; to perform a variety of general clerical work in connection with maintaining and verifying manual, machine, or computer prepared financial and statistical records and reports; to assist in the preparation of fiscally related reports and records; to act as a receptionist, route, and process intra-district and United States mail; and to do other job related work as required.

Examples of Duties

At the direction of an administrator: assembles, tabulates, checks, and files accounting related data; processes documents including invoices, purchase orders, warrants, and inventory records; may post to fiscal and financial records; may post to subsidiary ledgers; assist in preparing financial statements; review and balances machine and computer prepared reports; performs mathematical calculations; may receive money and maintain records of cash receipts; accounts for and prepares bank deposit documents; may prepare warrants and warrant registers; types requisitions and other related documents; maintains fiscal and financial related records and files; performs general clerical duties, including sorting, filing, duplicating, answering the telephone and maintaining the voice mail system, and responding to informational inquiries; greets employees and members of the general public and assists them by providing directions to offices and persons from whom they may receive assistance; may take and transmit messages; may sort, collate, and distribute materials; may post to records and develop files; maintains simple records pertaining to postal meter charges; may type lists, bulletins, reports, and routine correspondence; performs other related duties as required.


Knowledge of: Basic methods practices and terminology used in fiscal and financial record management; accounting/bookkeeping procedures; accounting principles and data processing ledger systems; operation of office equipment; financial and fiscally related report preparation, and formal modern office practices and procedures; correct English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Ability to:

Effectively and efficiently perform general accounting and clerical functions; make arithmetical calculations with speed and accuracy; effectively operate standard business machines and equipment; deal with members of the public and education community in a tactful and courteous manner; understand and carry out oral and written directions; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.

Education and Experience

· Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade, supplemented by course work or training in accounting or bookkeeping. One year college level accounting or business course work desirable. One year of experience in financial, statistical, or fiscal record-keeping.
· Licenses and/or Certificates: Possession of a valid California Driver’s license may be required.
· Other: Proof of Tuberculosis clearance every four years; fingerprint clearance by the Department of Justice.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

· Visual ability to read handwritten or typed documents, and the display screen of various office equipment and machines.
· Able to conduct verbal conversation.
· Able to hear normal range verbal conversation (approximately 60 decibels).
· Able to sit, stand, stoop, kneel, bend and walk.
· Able to sit for sustained periods of time.
· Able to climb slopes, stairs, steps, ramps and ladders.
· Able to lift up to 35 lbs.
· Able to carry up to 35 lbs.
· Able to exhibit full range of motion for shoulder external rotation and internal rotation.
· Able to exhibit full range of motion for shoulder abduction and adduction.
· Able to exhibit full range of motion for elbow flexion and extension.
· Able to exhibit full range of motion for shoulder extension and flexion.
· Able to exhibit full range of motion for back lateral flexion.
· Able to exhibit full range of motion for hip flexion and extension.
· Able to exhibit full range of motion for knee flexion.
· Able to operate office machines and equipment in a safe and effective manner.
· Able to demonstrate manual dexterity necessary to operate calculator, typewriter, and/or computer keyboard at the required speed and accuracy.
· Able to demonstrate manual dexterity necessary to operate a variety of telecommunications equipment for a sustained period of time.
· While the ideal candidate will possess all these abilities, duties assigned can be modified to accommodate some physical restrictions

Please email all required documents along with your resume to jobs@lashonacademy.org 

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